Successful start of the REACTION project
Posted by Admin on 12. March 2010 10:36
The REACTION project is now officially started. During the kick-off meeting in Madrid 10 - 12 March 2010, 37 researchers from all partners discussed and developed a common vision of the REACTION project.
Extended News
During the 3-day conference, all important aspects of the REACTION vision and objectives were discussed and each workpackage was presented, discussed and the initial workplans and milestones were agreed.

MeetingOn the first day, an overview was presented of the project and each workpackages followed by presentations and intense discussion between medical and technical experts.

On the second day, all workpackages met and discussed objectives and work plan, which was finally presented and agreed by all on the third day.

The successful meeting represents a highly efficient and well executed start of the REACTION project and marks the first milestone of the project.