Journal paper published in interactive Journal of Medical Research
Posted by on 05. October 2012 11:31
REACTION partners have had a journal paper accepted for the medical journal i-JMR, interactive Journal of Medical Research. The paper is titled: 'Diabetes Management Using Modern Information and Communication Technologies and New Care Models'.
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The paper presents the development of a health care service platform in the context of the REACTION project which enables support of diabetes management in different healthcare regimes and through clinical applications such as monitoring of vital signs, feedback provision to the point of care, integrative risk assessment, and event and alarm handling.

It deals with the need for new care models and covers three major areas of research and development which have been approached in the project: Glucose sensor technology and wearability, platform architecture and implementation of the end-user services. The latter includes a glucose management system for a hospital ward which is able to monitor a range of parameters from various sources, including glucose levels, nutritional intakes, administered drugs and patientís insulin sensitivity. The system also offers decision support for insulin dosing to professional caregivers on a mobile tablet platform that fulfills the need of the users and supports medical workflow procedures in compliance with the Medical Device Directive requirements.

The paper can be downloaded from the i-JMR website or through our download section

Authors: Emmanouil G Spanakis (corresponding author, FORTH-ICS); Franco Chiarugi (FORTH-ICS), Angelina Kouroubali (FORTH-ICS), Stephan Spat (MSG); Peter Beck (MSG); Stefan Asanin (CNET), Peter Rosengren (CNET); Tamas Gergely (ALL); Jesper Thestrup (IN-JET)