Presentations available from the Clustering event on Ambient Intelligence Advanced Technologies in Support of Healthcare and Assisted Living
Posted by on 16. October 2013 11:25
25 eHealth projects participated in the clustering event organised by REACTION and partner FORTH-ICS on 26-27. September 2013 in Heraklion, Greece. You can find the presentations in the Download section
Extended News
The aim of the clustering event was to bring together European projects for demonstrations, presentations of innovative solutions and discussions of potential synergies and cooperation.

Focus was on personal health systems for diabetes including social care through robots and personal health systems in general including prevention of falls. Presentations were made by the following projects:

Reaction: a Service Platform for Remote Accessibility to Diabetes Management and Therapy
AP@home: Bringing the artificial pancreas home
Commodity12: A Smart e-Health Environment for Diabetes Management
Empower: an intelligent self-management pathway for diabetes patients
GoCarb: Food Image Understanding: How close can we get? Preliminary results of the GoCARB project
Dali: exploring new frontiers for assisted living devices
Accompany: Acceptable robotiCs COMPanions for AgeiNg Years, concept and progress
GiraffPlus: Combining social interaction & long term monitoring for promoting independent living
Hobbit: The Mutual Care Robot
p-Medicine: Smart recommendation services enabling patient profiling and intelligent patient-doctor interaction
BackHome, BrainAble: Brain Computer Interfaces on track to home to provide active independent living and telemonitoring services to the disabled.
Care@Home: SmartTV technology as window on the world and eHealth interface
inCASA: Presenting results from the inCASA Remote Monitoring Platform
Saapho: Context-aware participation, safety and healthcare services to foster Active Ageing
UniversAAL: An enabler of AAL service space
MovingLife: A roadmap for supporting mHealth wide deployment
Rempark: Technological approach for Parkinson Disease assessment and management
Dem@Care: Dementia Ambient Care: Multi-Sensing Monitoring for Intelligent Remote Management and Decision Support
eHealthMonitor: Knowledge Sharing for Patient Guidance eHealth Services
Antilope and Shared Care Platform: Adoption and take up of standards and profiles for eHealth interoperability and functionality to establish cross sector collaboration and continuity of care
MobiGuide: A Ubiquitous Knowledge-driven and Context-aware Clinical Guidance System
Farseeing: The design of smart and assistive environments that stimulate physical activity and prevent falls
I-Dont-Fall: An innovative solution to improve fall prevention and detection
Fate: Experiences on an automatic detection service of falls for elderly people
e-No Falls: First period results or/and the relation with EIP on Active and Healthy Aging A2 (Fall Prevention)

Find the presentations here

Cooperation and knowledge sharing among the projects are planned to continue through a Linkedin group.