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REACTION is affilliated with these programs and organisations:

REACTION is delivering better and more efficient healthcare services in Europe, thus supporting the Commissions activities in ICT for Health: eHealth.

The REACTION platform allows for the creation of inclusive applications with accessibility for all. The project supports the Commissions campaign: eInclusion - be part of it!

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The REACTION project is a 4-year project started in 2010. It is partly funded by the European Commission under the 7th Framework Programme in the area of Personal Health Systems under Grant Agreement no. 248590

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Applications relating to health in FP5
Overview of Fifth research and development framework programme 1998—2002.
Date Added: 18-05-2010 Visits: 2010
The primary aim of CEED3 is to develop diagnostic tools to differentiate specific subgroups of diabetic patients to allow individualisation of patient care This will be achieved through integrating expertise and complementary approaches from leading European groups working in the fields of beta-cell biology, biomarker discovery and diabetes genetics with clinical medicine. The development of diabetes diagnostic tools will involve a clearly defined process of discovery of potential novel genetic and non-genetic biomarkers, validation within test and population based data samples, development of a clinical application and then dissemination of this application.
Date Added: 23-03-2011 Visits: 1816
The DIAdvisor™ is a large-scale integrating project (IP) aiming at the development of a prediction based tool which uses past and easily available information to optimise the therapy of type I and developed type II diabetes. The DIAdvisor™ is not dependent on specific sensor technologies and can be adapted to technologies like standard strip sensing, minimally-invasive continuous glucose sensors and emerging non-invasive methods.

For safety reason, the DIAdvisor™ system will be able to self-assess the confidence of its proposed decisions. For safety reasons as well as for the sake of therapy improvements, the system connects and provides information and trends to the Health Care Provider.
Date Added: 30-03-2012 Visits: 2255
Roadmap for diabetes research in Europe. The mission of DIAMAP is to undertake a wide survey of the current European diabetes research landscape, from which expert opinion can identify gaps and highlight strengths, to guide a Road Map strategy for diabetes research in Europe.
Date Added: 17-11-2010 Visits: 2741
DREAMING brings together a set of services which, packaged together, allow extending the independent life of elderly people

The services that DREAMING comprises fall into three different categories:
Monitoring and Alarm Handling services
Elderly-friendly videoconferencing services
Non-ICT based services
Date Added: 18-06-2011 Visits: 2117
eHealth portfolio of projects in FP6
Sixth Research and Development Framework Programme 2002-2006
Date Added: 18-05-2010 Visits: 2043
Through the integration of newly emerging technologies proposed in part by the 4 participating SME organisations and with the outsourced research capacity of 3 of Europe’s leading RTD performers, the
Date Added: 20-10-2012 Visits: 1946
The system will contain 1) a patient loop interacting directly with the patient to support the daily treatment. It will show the health development, including treatment adherence and effectiveness. Being motivated, compliance will increase, and health will improve. 2) a professional loop involving medical professionals, e.g. alerting to revisit the care plan. The patient loop is connected with hospital information systems, to ensure optimal and personalised care.
Date Added: 18-10-2010 Visits: 2376
The Hydra middleware allows developers to incorporate heterogeneous physical devices into their applications by offering easy-to-use web service interfaces for controlling any type of physical device irrespective of its network technology such as Bluetooth, RF, ZigBee, RFID, WiFi, etc. Hydra incorporates means for Device and Service Discovery, Semantic Model Driven Architecture, P2P communication, and Diagnostics. Hydra enabled devices and services can be secure and trustworthy through distributed security and social trust components of the middleware.

The Hydra middleware is one of the technology building blocks of the REACTION platform.
Date Added: 29-07-2010 Visits: 2221
The NEPHRON+ (ICT-enabled Wearable Artificial Kidney and Personal Renal Care System) project aims at a next generation, integrated solution for personalized treatment and management of patients with chronic renal failure. It presents an ideal solution for continuous dialysis outside the hospital offering better blood clearance, while patients can stay mobile and active in social and economic life. It relies on an ICT-enabled wearable artificial kidney for on-body blood purification.
Date Added: 07-12-2011 Visits: 2109
UniversAAL project
The main objective of the project is to make it technically feasible and economically viable to conceive, design and deploy innovative new AAL services. To do this, we will:

  • Produce a platform providing the necessary technical support, and acting as an open, common basis for both developers and end-users;

  • Carry out support activities promoting widespread acceptance and adoption of the platform. These activities form an integral part of the project and will start at an early stage.
Date Added: 11-12-2013 Visits: 1714