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REACTION is affilliated with these programs and organisations:

REACTION is delivering better and more efficient healthcare services in Europe, thus supporting the Commissions activities in ICT for Health: eHealth.

The REACTION platform allows for the creation of inclusive applications with accessibility for all. The project supports the Commissions campaign: eInclusion - be part of it!

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Below is a list of future and past events with participation of project partners and related to the REACTION project:

2013 events:

2-3 December 2013 - Nyborg, Denmark


Web: http://2013.e-sundhedsobservatoriet.dk/

The Danish eHealth Observatory is one of the most important eHealth conferences in Denmark. REACTION partners plan to demonstrate REACTION services such as the GlucoTab, the Nutrition App, the multi-protocol patient gateway, ePatch technology and glucose sensors. Partner IN-JET has also had a paper accepted for oral presentation on the need for revised care models when incorporating telemonitoring.

21-23 November 2013 - Iasi, Romania


Web: http://www.ehbconference.ro/

The EHG conference, IEEE Internatinal Conference on eHealth and Bioengineering, is dedicated to e-health systems, medical bioengineering and biomedical engineering. REACTION partners have submitted a conference paper which was accepted for oral presentation. Title of the paper: First Results about the Use of a Patient Portal by People with Diabetes in a Rural Area. Authors: Dimitris Manousos, Franco Chiarugi, Vasilis Kontogiannis, Ioannis Karatzanis, Angelina Kouroubali, Emmanouil G. Spanakis, Kostas Marias, Joanna Fursse, Shona Thomson, Russell W. Jones, Vivek Verma, Malcolm Clarke.

20-23 November 2013 - Düsseldorf, Germany

Medica 2013

Web: http://www.medica-tradefair.com/cipp/md_medica/custom/pub/content,oid,40951/lang,2/ticket,g_u_e_s_t/~/At_a_glance.html

REACTION will exhibit at Medica 2013 which is the world's largest medical marketplace. The REACTION booth can be found in the CTIA pavillion in Hall 15.

13 November 2013 - Hørsholm, Denmark

Workshop: How to implement a telemedicine solution

REACTION is planning a full-day workshop session for business managers on the practical challenges of implementing telemedicine solutions. Based on the global diabetes epidemic, REACTION has invited interested stakeholders to a workshop to discuss the reason why it is so difficult to agree on the opportunities and threats of disruptive technologies and applications. Participants will look at the possibilities and challenges of implementing telemedical solutions as well as exchange views, opinions and visions for future developments in the healthcare domain. Presentations will be made by key stakeholders from different health and research organisations as well as from private companies and will include topics such as sustainable business models, health technology assessment, ethical and product liability issues as well as the EU Medical Device Directive. Results from the REACTION project will also be demonstrated.

6-8 November 2013 - Vilnius, Lithuania

ICT 2013

Web: http://ec.europa.eu/digital-agenda/en/ict-2013

REACTION will exhibit at this major EU ICT-event where more than 4000 researchers, innovators, entrepreneurs, industry representatives, young people and politicians are expected. You can find our stand 5B2 in Hall 5: The digitally empowered citizens

26-27 September 2013 - Heraklion, Crete, Greece

Clustering Event: Ambient Intelligence Advanced Technologies in Support of Healthcare and Assisted Living

Web: http://www.forth.gr/index.php?l=e

The Reaction project is organising a clustering event including other EU projects operating in the healthcare domain which make use of the ambient intelligence. The projects will demonstrate the implemented solutions together with the REACTION platform prototype integrated in the AmI facility of FORTH-ICS. Discussions will be on the benefits which AmI can provide in delivering healthcare in different environments starting from home to primary and secondary healthcare settings.

11-15 July 2013 - Bellevue, Washington, USA

uai2013 - Conference on Uncertainty in Artificial Intelligence

Web: http://auai.org/uai2013/index.shtml

The conference is the premier international conference on research related to representation, inference, learning and decision making in the presence of uncertainty within the field of Artificial Intelligence. REACTION partners FORTH have submitted a paper which has been accepted for publication: "Scoring and Searching over Bayesian Networks with Informative, Causal and Associative Priors".

21-25 June 2013 - Chicago, USA

73rd American Diabetes Association Scientific Sessions

Web: http://professional.diabetes.org/Congress_Display.aspx?TYP=9&CID=91271

Partners MUG and MSG has a peer-reviewed abstract accepted called "Efficacy, Usability and Sequence of Operations of a Workflow-integrated Algorithm for Basal-Bolus Insulin Therapy in hospitalized Type 2 Diabetes Patients". The American Diabetes Association's Scientific Sessions brings together scientists and health care professionals from around the world who are involved in diabetes research and care. The five-day meeting will feature the most timely and significant advances in the prevention, diagnosis, and treatment of diabetes. The program is organised into eight distinctive theme areas and includes presentation by world-renowned diabetes experts.

6 June 2013 - Odense, Denmark

Danish Welfare Technology Exhibition and Conference

Web: http://event.cok.dk/velfaerd13

Reaction will be represented at the Danish conference aimed at municipal and regional healthcare and social care staff. Partners DELTA and IN-JET will be exhibiting in adjacent booths and MSG will be demonstrating the GlucoTab. As part of Reaction demonstration activities, some hospital visits will be arranged on 5th and 7th June.

23-24 May 2013 - Vienna, Austria

ehealth Summit Austria

Web: http://www.ehealthsummit.at/Konferenz

REACTION partners MUG and MSG have prepared a workshop presentation: Entscheidungsunterstützung im Klinikalltag – Erfolgsstory eines Software Medizinprodukts.

16 May 2013 - London, England

Tackling Long-Term Conditions: Meeting the Challenge

Web: http://www.publicserviceevents.co.uk/249/tackling-long-term-conditions

Expert speakers and insightful case studies will explore new models of care that can help to improve the quality, productivity and outcomes of the management of long-term conditions

27 February - 2 March 2013 - Paris, France

ATTD 2013

Web: http://www2.kenes.com/attd/Pages/home.aspx?gclid=COy23_P48LICFYXJtAodsigA0g

ATTD 2013 is the Sixth International Conference on Advanced Technologies and Treatments for Diabetes. The conference brings together the world’s leading researchers and clinicians for a lively exchange of ideas and information related to the treatment and prevention of diabetes and related illnesses. ATTD has become synonymous with top calibre scientific programs that have provided participants with cutting edge research and analysis into the latest developments in diabetes-related technology. REACTION partners held a mini-symposium on REACTION (BRUNEL); produced a peer-reviewed abstract with the title "Novel Continuous Glucose Monitoring Techniques within REACTION" (IMM, MSG, MUG); had two poster presentations and two oral presentations (MUG, MSG). The scientific programme can be seen on the ATTD website.

2012 events:

21-23 November 2012 - Paris, France

MobiHealth 2012

Web: http://mobihealth.name/2012/show/home

MobiHealth 2012 - 3rd International Conference on Wireless Mobile Communication and Healthcare is a conference with focus on mobile communications for the improvement of human health. Two papers have been produced by REACTION partners. Partners CHC and FORTH have submitted a paper which has been accepted for oral presentation at the conference and which will be included in the conference proceedings. The title of the paper is: "Empowering Patients through a Patient Portal for an Improved Diabetes Management". Partners CNET, ATOS and FORTHNET have submitted the paper "Adopting Rule-based Executions in SOA-oriented Remote Patient Monitoring Platform with an Alarm and Alert Subsystem".

4-6 October 2012 - Heraklion, Greece


Web: https://sites.google.com/site/hscbb12/

HSCBB12 is the 7th Conference of the Hellenic Society for Computational Biology and Bioinformatics. 7 dissemination papers related to REACTION were produced, with one winning a best poster award.

16-21 September 2012 - Braunschweig, Germany


Web: http://transmed.infinity-3.de/index_en.html

The TransMed2012 conference is targeted at software designers and manufacturers as well as users of medical information systems. Partner BTS wil be presenting REACTION at the workshop on Translational and Personalized Medicine - Help from Service-Oriented Architectures, Grid, and Cloud.

29-31 August 2012 - Budapest, Hungary

8th IFAC Symposium on Biological and Medical Systems

Web: http://bms.iit.bme.hu/

The Symposium provides a forum for the presentation of new developments in the important interdisciplinary field of biomedical systems involving the application of concepts, methods and techniques of modelling, informatics and control of complex biomedical systems. Partners BTS and MUG have submitted a paper.

26 June - 1 July 2012 - Edinburgh, Scotland

International Conference on Machine Learning - ICML 2012

Web: http://icml.cc/2012/

ICML is the leading international machine learning conference, supported by the International Machine Learning Society (IMLS). Partner FORTH-ICS has submitted a paper which will be presented at the conference. The title of the paper is: 'Incorporating Causal Prior Knowledge as Path-Constraints in Bayesian Networks and Maximal Ancestral Graphs'.

8-12 June 2012 - Philadelphia, USA

72nd American Diabetes Association scientific sessions

Web: http://professional.diabetes.org/Congress_Display.aspx?TYP=9&CID=85274

The scientific sessions provide cutting-edge education and information for all health care professionals. Partners MUG and MSG had a peer-reviewed abstract accepted for the sessions titled: 'Persistent Hyperglycemia in Hospitalized Patients with Diabetes Despite Considerable Operating Expense'.

5-8 June 2012 - Venice, Italy

PAGE 2012

Web: http://www.page-meeting.org/

PAGE represents a community with a shared interest in data analysis using the population approach. Partner BTS has submitted an abstract for this meeting

28-31 May - Lamia, Greece

SETN 2012 - the 7th Hellenic Conference on Artificial Intelligence

Web: http://setn2012.ucg.gr/index.php/en/

The conference is one of the most prominent forums for Greek and International AI scientists to present original and high-quality research on emergent topics of Artificial Intelligence. Partner FORTH-ICS has submitted a paper which will be presented at the conference. The paper is titled: 'Learning from mixture of experimental data: a constraint–based approach'.

24-26 April 2012 - Boston, USA

Bio-IT World Conference & Expo 2012

Web: http://www.bio-itworldexpo.com/Systems-Biology

The annual Bio-IT World Conference & Expo is a premier event, showcasing the myriad applications of IT and informatics to biomedical research and the drug discovery enterprise. Partner BTS made a presentation titled: A Computational Systems Biology Software Platform for Multiscale Modeling and Simulation: Integrating Whole-Body Physiology, Disease Biology, and Molecular Reaction Networks.

16-19 April 2012 - Brussels

Photonics Europe Conference 2012

Web: http://spie.org/

SPIE Photonics Europe conference is a conference on metamaterials, nanophotonics, photonic crystal materials, micro-optics, optical sensors, lasers and photonics. Partner IMM had a conference paper accepted titled: A minimally invasive chip based near infrared sensor for continuous glucose monitoring.

8-11 February 2012 - Barcelona, Spain

ATTD 2012: Advanced Technologies and Treatments for Diabetes

Web: http://www2.kenes.com/attd/Pages/home.aspx

The ATTD conference is an innovative diabetes technologies and treatments conference for researchers, clinicians and general practitioners in all fields of diabetes, endocrinology and metabolism. Partners MSG and MUG have a poster presentation at the conference titled: 'CLOSED-LOOP INSULIN DELIVERY USING A PHYSIOLOGY-BASED PHARMACOKINETIC/PHARMACODYNAMIC MODEL KERNEL'. Partner MSG has also an abstract accepted for oral presentation titled:'A mobile in-hospital application supporting insulin dosing for patients with diabetes type 2'.

2011 events:

5-7 October 2011 - Kos Island, Greece

MobiHealth 2011

Web: http://www.mobihealth.name/

MobiHealth 2011 is the 2nd International ICST Conference on Wireless Mobile Communication and Healthcare. Partner FORTH is preparing a special session on "ICT Platforms and Technologies for the Daily Management of Chronic Diseases and the Support of the Ageing Population" with paper contributions from several REACTION partners. Five papers have been accepted: One prepared by partners FORTH, MUG and MSG titled 'A Mobile Android-based Application for in-hospital Glucose Management in compliance with the Medical Device Directive for Software', another paper titled 'Exploring new Care Models in Diabetes Management and Therapy with a Wireless Mobile eHealth Platform' has been prepared by partners MSG, ALL and INJET. The third paper titled 'Diabetes Management: Devices, ICT Technologies and Future Perspectives' has been made by partner FORTH who has also authored the fourth and fifth papers, one titled "Risk assessment models for diabetes complications: a survey of available on line tools" and the other: 'Developing advanced technology services for diabetes management: User preferences in Europe'. Web: http://www.mobihealth.name/chiarugi.shtml

26-31 August 2011 - Oslo, Norway

MIE 2011 - International Conference of the European Federation for Medical Informatics

Web: http://www.mie2011.org/

MIE2011 is the 23rd International Conference of EFMI - the European Federation for Medical Informatics. The conference will cover various topics in the area of e-health, health informatics, telemedicine etc. There will also be commercial and scientific exhibitions. FORTH, MUG and MSG have submitted a paper for this event.

7-9 June 2011 - Nürnberg, Germany

Measurement Fair SENSOR+TEST 2011

Web: http://www.sensor-test.de/home-en/

IMM is going to present the REACTION project.

26-27 May 2011 - Vienna, Austria


Web: http://www.ehealth2011.at/

The conference's motto and program target on building a bridge from research to application of information and communication technology in health care. Submitted and invited scientific presentations and posters as well as workshops and an interoperability showcase will contribute to that. Although papers can be submitted and presented in English as well, a considerable number of presentations - as well as most parts of the homepage - will be in German, which is the official conference language. Partners MSG, MUG and FORTH-ICS submitted a conference paper titled Design einer mobilen Anwendung für das stationäre Glukosemanagment.

10-13 May 2011 - Budapest, Hungary

eHealth week 2011

Web: http://www.worldofhealthit.org//

The event is a collocation of the European Commission’s High Level Ministerial Conference and the World of Health IT Conference & Exhibition. It was in 2010 hailed as Europe’s largest pan-European conference: an all encompassing event focusing on leadership and the continuum of care – healthcare from the home to the hospital. The event will also address other related subjects such as pharma and health 2.0. Partner BRUNEL is on the educational planning committee for the event and has planned one of the sessions. BRUNEL will be presenting in the session on standards. Partner ALL is planning to present demos of the primary care application in REACTION

17-18 January 2011 - Brussels, Belgium

Continua European Symposium 2011

Web: http://www.continuahealth.com/events/continuaeusymposium.html

Continua Health Alliance is hosting a two-day Personal Connected Health solutions symposium. The symposium will bring healthcare professionals, researchers, world-class companies, entrepreneurs, policy makers, health ministries and other stakeholders together for an in-depth look at a variety of Personal Connected Health solutions and how these tools and services will fit into Europe’s current and future model of healthcare. The symposium will specifically target Chronic Condition Management, Ageing Independently and Health & Wellness topics. On the 18th the SmartPersonalHealth (EC funded) project will held its workshop to discuss challenges and opportunities related to the introduction of personal health systems in routine healthcare, and to consider and finalise policy recommendations for the European Commission. Partner CNet exhibited at the symposium with a poster presentation.

2010 events:

13 December 2010 - London, England

eHealth and Telemed 2010

Web: http://www.rsm.ac.uk/telemed10/programme.htm

The eHealth and Telemed conference is organised by the Royal Society of Medicine with the aim to promote education and research into the development and application of all forms of information and communication technologies for the purposes of improving health care. Partner CHC presented aspects of the Reaction Platform.

15-17 November 2010 - London, England

The National Telecare and Telehealth Conference 2010

Web: http://www.telecare.org.uk/information/48462/conference_2010/

The conference is the largest UK event focusing exclusively on telecare and telehealth. Partner CHC presented aspects of the Reaction Platform at one of the workshops.

11-13 November 2010 - Bethesda, MD, USA

Diabetes Technology Meeting

Web: http://www.diabetestechnology.org/

The meeting’s goal is to assemble technology developers and users to facilitate creation of new and cost-effective tools—including an artificial pancreas—to help people with diabetes. The meeting will particularly emphasize original data. Scientists and clinicians will have plenty of opportunities to share ideas in both formal and informal settings, and gain insight into how to help decrease the physical and psychological burden of diabetes. Partner SOLIANIS participated in this meeting.

5-6 November 2010 - Graz, Austria

Joint ZMF & Doctoral Days

Web: http://www.meduni-graz.at/3372
A local conference at the Medical University of Graz – Centre for Medical Research (ZMF).
The aim of the conference is to stimulate interdisciplinary discussion and it offers the opportunity to researchers to present their results and discuss them. Approximately 250 people joined the Joint ZMF & Doctoral Days 2010 and REACTION partner MUG and MSG did an abstract and a poster presentation on REACTION in relation to improving inhospital glycaemic control.

27-29 September 2010 - Brussels, Belgium

ICT 2010: Digitally driven

Web: http://ec.europa.eu/information_society/events/ict/2010/index_en.htm

ICT 2010 is a major event on digital technologies in Europe offering conference activities, exhibitions and networking sessions. Partner CNET was selected as one of 20 selected innovative European SMEs to exhibit as part of the SME Village where CNET presented REACTION.

11 - 12 June 2010 - Graz, AustriaMUG


Web: www.researchaustria.at/
National exhibition on research undertaken by universities, institutes and companies in Graz. MUG exhibited and presented the REACTION project.

16 - 23 May 2010 - Moscow, Russia

Medical informatics in chronic care

The event was organised by the Institute for Information Transmission, Problems of the Russian Academy of Sciences, Dept. of the Medical Partner Systems. ALL presented REACTION and discussed the possible use of REACTION application system in diabetes care of the Russian healthcare. The meeting discussed subjects such as (i) methodology of model- and knowledge-based decision preparation and decision support, (ii) the descriptive modelling methods to represent individual health status using the functional information from measuring vital parameters, and (iii) model-based interpretation and evaluation of various medical parameters.